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Real Estate Closings

Common reasons real estate closings get delayed in Connecticut

Avoid these common delays to keep your closing process on schedule


Sellers closing costs in Connecticut: A quick rundown

A quick breakdown of the major closing costs you will face when selling a home in Connecticut


How home sellers can prepare for the inspection

A lot can ride on the inspection when selling your house, and preparing ahead of time can make all the difference


How do I get my ex (or anyone) off my deed in Connecticut?

Correcting your property records is an important step to protecting your property ownership rights following a divorce


Home inspections: How essential are they in Connecticut?

Are buyers required to conduct a home inspection, and if not, how necessary are they?


Can I back out of a purchase and get my deposit back?

If you get cold feet, you may be able to recoup your deposit.


Connecticut conveyance tax: How much sellers should expect to pay

Find out how to estimate the conveyance tax on your sale.

Real Estate Closings

Real estate attorneys in Connecticut: What do they do and do I need one?

A quick rundown of how an attorney will help you in your closing and why you need one.


Welcome to Pederson Real Estate Law's blog

Introducing our law firm's blog


Pederson Real Estate Law opens in Greenwich, CT

The boutique law firm will represent clients in residential real estate closings and serve the greater Greenwich area.


New smoke detector disclosure requirements will impact Connecticut home sellers

Home sellers in Connecticut will be required to sign a new affidavit at closing

Real Estate Closings

5 questions to ask when hiring a real estate attorney in Connecticut

Asking good questions can steer you in the right direction


10 tips for a smooth refinancing

Set yourself up for a success by preparing ahead of time

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