Selling a home? These mobile apps can help streamline the selling process

Navigate the selling process with these trusted apps

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January 3, 2024


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We strongly recommend that potential sellers work with a real estate agent when selling their property!  However, if you choose to try it alone, these apps can be beneficial for individuals looking to sell their home.

Real Estate Listing Apps

Real estate listing apps help sellers showcase their property to a broad audience, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Through these apps, sellers can strategically market their homes, set competitive prices based on market trends, and efficiently connect with potential buyers, ultimately expediting the selling process.

Zillow for Sellers: Listing with Zillow will make your home visible to millions of users. It also allows you to upload. You can easily create and upload a video walkthrough to give buyers a better look at your home inside and out. 

Redfin: This free app gives users access to a database of more than 70 million properties. The app refreshes listing data every 15 minutes, so any changes to your listing will show instantaneously. It also offers historical data of comparable homes in your area to inform you when pricing your home.

Home Staging Apps

Home staging apps assist sellers in transforming their property's visual appeal by offering design inspiration and connecting them with local professionals. These apps enable sellers to visualize and implement strategic improvements, enhancing their home's presentation to attract potential buyers and optimize the chances of a successful sale.

Houzz: Find inspiration for home staging and improvement. Connect with local professionals to enhance your property's visual appeal.

Magicplan: Create floor plans and visualize potential changes to your home's layout to attract potential buyers.

Photography and Virtual Tour Apps

High quality photos and virtual tours are an important component of any online house listing. There are apps that make it easy to shoot and edit photos, as well as produce 3D virtual tours, right on your phone.

Virtuance: Connect with professional real estate photographers and hire them to capture high-quality images that showcase your home's best features.

Matterport: Create immersive 3D virtual tours, allowing potential buyers to explore your home remotely.

Legal and Document Management Apps

The amount of paperwork and documents that you will have to manage and keep track of can pile up when selling a house. Fortunately, there are apps that can help ease the pain of paperwork. 

DocuSign: Streamline the signing of legal documents electronically, reducing paperwork and accelerating the closing process.

Evernote: Organize and keep track of important documents related to the sale, such as property records, contracts, and communication with buyers.

Communication and Scheduling Apps

Communication and Scheduling Apps can come in handy when scheduling and conducting showings and meetings with prospective buyers and other professionals involved in your transaction. 

ShowingTime: Simplify the process of scheduling property showings, allowing potential buyers' agents to request appointments.

Zoom or Skype: Conduct virtual meetings with real estate agents, potential buyers, or legal professionals to discuss offers and negotiations.

Market Analysis Apps 

There are many examples of apps that allow users to leverage technology to research and gather useful market analysis when selling a house. You can gather analysis on everything from housing market data to local realtor performance.  

HomeLight: Receive personalized recommendations for top-performing real estate agents and get insights into the local market.

Redfin: Access real-time housing market data, allowing you to make informed decisions on pricing and strategy.

Moving and Logistics Apps

Moving presents a lot of logistical challenges to sort out, and there are apps that can help ease the burden.

TaskRabbit: Find local assistance for moving preparations, decluttering, or minor home repairs to increase your home's market appeal.

Sortly: Organize and inventory your belongings, making it easier to manage the moving process.

Feedback and Analytics Apps

Feedback and analytics apps offer sellers a valuable tool to collect insights from potential buyers, helping them identify areas of improvement and refine their property presentation. By leveraging feedback and analyzing engagement metrics, sellers can make data-driven decisions, enhance their marketing strategies, and ultimately increase the chances of a successful and swift home sale.

Showing Suite: Collect feedback from potential buyers and their agents after property showings to identify areas of improvement.

Google Analytics: If you have a personal website for your property, track visitor analytics to understand the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.


As you embark on the journey of selling your home, these apps can serve as invaluable tools to streamline the process, enhance the presentation of your property, and facilitate smooth communication with potential buyers and professionals involved in the transaction. By leveraging technology, you can make the selling experience more efficient and successful.

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