No one wants a surprise at their closing. Issues with the title, disclosures, or contract terms can delay or kill a transaction, costing you time and money.

Having quality legal representation is essential for ensuring a successful closing. At Pederson Real Estate Law, Attorney Charlene Pederson has represented thousands of Connecticut homebuyers and is dedicated to making sure your closing is as seamless as possible.

How we help you during the closing process

As the closing attorney for your purchase, Attorney Pederson will:

  • Prepare all necessary legal documents in accordance with Connecticut’s real estate laws and regulations
  • Review all legal documents and clearly explain them so that you know your rights and liabilities
  • Work to resolve any issues with the home inspection
  • Review the terms of your mortgage with you to ensure the rates and fees match what was presented during the mortgage application process
  • Oversee the title search and ensure there are no existing liens or mortgages – assuring a “clear title”
  • Monitor conditions on your commitment letter from lender to ensure mortgage processing
  • Work with the buyer’s realtor, mortgage lender and the seller’s attorney to make sure all of the contract deadlines are met
  • Proactively update you on the status of your transaction and be available to answer questions whenever it is convenient for you
  • Anticipate common issues and ensure they are resolved prior to closing
  • Personally attend the closing on-site for your convenience and answer any questions

You're not just another file number

The weeks leading up to closing on a new home can undoubtedly be stressful and chaotic. The last thing you want is unreliable and disjointed communication with your closing attorney, so make sure you hire an attorney who will proactively update you, preferably firsthand and not through an assistant or paralegal.

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