Refinancing a mortgage can be a smart financial decision for many homeowners, as it can free up money and take years off of a mortgage. The process to get there, though, generally requires submitting a great deal of paperwork to the lender, all filled with legal jargon and subtle nuances.

A qualified real estate attorney can help guide you through the refinancing process, resolve unexpected issues, and coordinate with your lender. At Pederson Real Estate Law, Attorney Charlene Pederson has represented thousands of Connecticut homeowners in mortgage refinances, and she is dedicated to making sure yours is as seamless as possible.

How we help you during the closing process

As the closing attorney for your refinance, Attorney Pederson will:

  • Order and review title search and provide it to the lender
  • Work with the lender to prepare closing documents  
  • Ensure current loan is properly and completely discharged from client’s title after it is paid off
  • Oversee the signing of the loan documents and recording of the new mortgage on the land records
  • Oversee the handling of all funds from the new mortgage (including paying off the existing mortgage and any other liens) and issuing the policy of title insurance required by the new lender

You're not just another file number

At Pederson Real Estate Law, we understand how burdernon the process of refinancing can be. That's why we are dedicated to making our clients' lives as easy as possible throughout the closing process. This starts with communication and transparency.

Attorney Pederson personally works on each client's transaction and updates them on the status of their transaction throughout the closing process. Her clients are also able to reach out with questions whenever and however it is convenient.

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